In the evening after we finished our make and Takes with the wonderful ladies from Edmonton, we watched several amazing demonstrations from fellow demonstrators. I really wanted to share this one with you from Jill Olsen.

She showed us some Fantastic things that you can do with the big shot and fabric!! Did you know that the Big Shot can cut through 8 layers of fabric at one time!!! Yes, that’s right 8 layers of fabric. I was amazed to see what you could cut and all the fantastic projects she made.

If you are a quilter or love to sew, then you should consider the Big Shot for your projects. For just over $100 this is an amazing tool for cutting fabric with crisp clean lines.

Jill went on to tell us that she did a demonstrations for some quilters and they told her that a similar cutting tool for fabric can cost up to $700!!!

Here are some pictures of the quilts and other projects she made with her big shot:

A Heritage Quilt


A Star quilt using the %-Point 3D Star die:


another quilt..I love this one!!




The Tulip Die on a ones-ie:





As you can see the projects are great and the possibilities are endless with fabric, dies, and the Big Shot!!!

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