On Thursday we got up bright and early and had breakfast, then headed for the Convention centre.

The atmosphere was truly exciting as we walked into the first General Session! There were people swapping cards everywhere there were people dancing and everyone was smiling! It always amazes me how crazy 2800 stampers in one room can get!! LOL 🙂

The day started with some amazing stamping demonstrations on stage. Bonnie Thurber and Jill Kocherhans were so funny in their demos and they taught us some great ideas that I can't wait to try!!

Bonnie said the funniest thing about our ink pads….you know how I'm always trying to show people how to open our ink pads…well Bonnie said it best with this line!:

"An ink pad is like a man…you have to push him away and then pull him toward you"

If you have one of our ink pads..you should try it …It works! LOL!

Next we heard some really good advice on succeeding in our business form Sue Rusch.

Then we did our walk for sales. Christine, Tara and I walked target across the stage for $20,000 in sales last year.

The Stampin Up! camera guy took this picture and can you believe we made it to the highlights page on the website!!! So exciting!!

From left to right…me , Christine Gaydos, Tara Cryderman


In the afternoon we attended some classes and Shannon west did a class on getting bookings and we had a challenge to call some customers right there in the classroom and ask them to book a workshop!. I made a phone call to my friend Julie and she booked a workshop! I was so excited! You would not believe the amount of workshops that were booked in just a few minutes!! By Saturday the grand total of workshop booked were over 1500!…and not everyone made  a call!

next we were treated to a stamping session where we got to complete sheets with a piece of cardstock, a stamp and a marker image of all the current colors. It's great now I can show everyone at my workshops what each color looks like in cardstock, ink and the marker!!

Here's Robin, Kim and Lisa completing their samples. These are my friends that I traveled to Convention with in 2008 and 2009. Great to catch up with everyone again!!!


  Here's Laura, Tara and Sanita…(AKA Sangria) LOL …nothing to do with drinking…just my inability to remember her name!

After all our classes we enjoyed a lovely meal at the Olive Garden and then headed back to the hotel to change for the awards night ceremonies. It was such a thrill to see all the top demonstrators get their awards! So inspiring!!!

After, we were treated to a wonderful country music singer… Charley Jenkins! They drove their bus right into the convention centre.



Of course the day was also filled with us taking hundreds of pictures if the display boards….there are so many talented demonstrators out there and at Convention I always come home with tons of ideas from these display boards!

Heres a few pictures but I have tons more so stay tuned…



Have a great evening! "See" you tomorrow!!

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