Hi there!

Yes, it's me I'm back! I have lots to share over the next few days with some cards and creations I've been working on so stay tuned!

Today I would like to share an update on our Elfie that Santa has sent to live with us. He has been a little mischievous but nothing that we can't handle and the kids are finding it quite amusing…so we'll keep him..for now. 🙂

The second morning we woke up and found Elfie making pizza in Amanda's kitchen. I guess he likes pepperoni pizza! Who knew?IMG_0452 

The next morning I was not amused… we come downstairs to find Elfie on the kitchen counter with a big mess of popcorn around him! Amanda was wondering how he got into the pantry and got the bag down but I explained that he must have magical powers like Santa! 🙂


Yesterday we woke up and we couldn't find Elfie! After an exhausted search Amanda found him here in the tree snuggled up next to Santa. We felt bad for him because maybe he's a little homesick.


Let's see what tomorrow will bring!

For my card share I would like to show you this fun card we made at my Stamp-A-Stacks. This card is super fast and easy and when you add some crystal effects to the button dies they look real!


See you tomorrow!







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