First….. I would like to extend a big Thank you to you for checking back!

Whew! I know this time of yearis supposed to be busy and I promised myself that I would be done early this year… a few days before Christmas isn't to bad is it? 🙂

I'm feeling under control ….. and now I can get excited about Christmas!!!

Today I would like to share with you a last minute gift idea!! I love this project and I sure wish I had done it sooner!


This project uses the small Stampin up! decor elements on a 8 x 10  frame.This would make a fantastic gift! Invited to a dinner this Christmas? This would make a great hostess gift!

I  have only 4 of these for sale for just $20.00 so if you would like one let me know asap and I will hold one for you to pick up.

In case your wondering about Elfie…..

It's been an eventful few days around here. Everey morning Amanda wakes up and asks "I wonder what Elfie did last night , MOM?" Check out some of the things we've found him doing…

Playing Lego…


Baking muffins….


Eating Christmas treats and making a mess….


Only a few days left before Santa comes and takes Elfie back to the North pole. I wonder what he'll do for his last few days with us????

Stay tuned for more projects and Elfie news!

Thanks again for checking back!!







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