Hello loyal blog readers!

First, I want to say a big Thank you for coming back to check my blog! I really appreciate it!

I apologize for not posting for the past week. My family and I were away for two weeks in Sunny Florida for a trip to Disney world followed by a 7 day Royal Carribean Cruise. The vacation was abslolutely amazing!!! It was just what we needed after the 6 months of winter we have had here in Calgary.

We returned on Tuesday and I was not prepared for how I would feel upon returning….. I don't know what happened, but our whole family ended up with head colds this past week. Most likely due to the severe climate change! On top of that… I have suffered the worst case of insomnia that I have ever had! Those of you that know me…know that I do not do well with sleep deprivation. Thankfully I had a great night's sleep last night and I returned to the gym today, (working out always helps me sleep) so I am hoping this is behind me now. Fingers crossed!!

I had all my posts done before I left and I was so happy to have my blog updated for the time I was away. 🙂 When I returned, I planned to just jump right back in and keep up my everyday blogging but I'm sorry that didn't happen.

Why and I rambling on about this, you say?  Because I want you to know that my blog and my readers are important to me! I don't want to let you down and I want my blog to be a regular place for you to visit and be inspired and even entertained 🙂  (hopefully 🙂

That being said… I had a blog candy offering before I left for two blog candy prizes for all the comments left on my blog while I was away. Thank you to everyone who left me a comment! I REALLY apprecaite your comments! It is so great to update my blog and to know that someone is watching and your comments really mean a lot to me. Thank you! You know who you are!!!

So…I've decided to do three blog candy draws …to make up for my absenteeism this past week. 🙂

If you left me a comment between Mrach 29th and April 12th you name was in the draw!!

Here's the first prize ….

And the winner is…… Cheryl Kielly


Blog Candy  # Two….

The winner is…. MaryAnne Perdeck


Blog Candy  # Three ….

The winner is……. Susan Mac Donald


Congratulations ladies!! Thanks so much for all your comments and support!

I will be in touch with each of you individually to make sure you get your przes as soon as possible!

I'll be back tomorrow … promise!!

Take Care!








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