Well.. I'm home but I can't say I'm rested! LOL! That's what Convention is all about..excitement..LOTS of it!! …. and very little sleep.

This year, Convention was absolutely exceptional!!! Shelli promised last year at Convention that this year would be about change and boy did she deliver!! It all started with leadership in January. My friends and I were blown away with how well Leadership went and all the goodies we came home with! We knew that this year's Convention would also be good!! Excuse me… GREAT!!!!

My mind is still reeling with excitement at all the "stuff" we got and how wonderful the make and takes were, the plus one classes, the projects on mainstage and in the demo booths, the display boards, did I mention the free stuff???

Check out all the stamps I came home with from the NEW Catalogue!!!


I love the Convention business bag that we got this year! It sure does hold a lot!!

Then…. there was Momento Mall….. one of my favorite things about Convention!! LOL! We waited in line for over an hour to get in, bit it was worth the wait! Check out all the goodies I got… My picture shows just one of every item but you can be sure that I purchased multiples of many of these items. Great door prizes and incentive gifts for my team!!!


Well, I have about 650 pictures that I took at Convention!! Stay tuned as I can't wait to share many of these on my blog with you.

If you would like to get a little "feel" of what it's like to attend Convention, watch this video which features the Convention theme of "GROW" I can't get this song out of my head LOL!!! Love it!!





If you would like to get in on all the fun and join me at Convention next year, all you have to do is purchase the starter kit! It's that easy!! You don't need to run a business, you can be a hobby demo or a career demo or anything in between!!

Honestly folks, this company is amazing to work for and I can't imagine doing anything else. They are so supportive and they reward their demonstrators in many ways other that just a paycheck… no doubt that's fun too .. to get paid for doing what you LOVE!! Pinch me I must be dreaming!! Oh, did I mention the wonderful trips around the world you can earn??? They just announced that the next incentive trip is going to be to FIJI !!! If you sign up now, you too could earn this all expense paid trip for two!! Many people earn their first incentive trip in their first year of being a demo!!

The best part for you is that there is a wonderful promo on the starter kit right now and you can sign up for just $119.00. Hurry! this promotion is only on until July 31st!!

You can read all about what comes in this promotional starter kit here.


I'll be back tomorrow with some more pictures of all the fun!!!

Have a great evening!!!







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