Hi there!

Hope your having a great start to your week!

Our weekend was busy but fun! I had a great time on Saturday at my buffet class! It sure was nice to sit and catch up with the ladies who I haven't seen for a while!

While we were stamping, Kevin took Amanda out for a bit and look what they brought me …. So sweet!!


Amanda had a busy weekend too! Check out all the crafty stuff we did together. We made 20 of these for the kids in her class…


I guess she was just warming up, because then she had an idea in her mind for a special card for Aunt Barb and uncle Trent. Check it out…


So she wanted to have something pop out in her words "like a jack in the box". So this is what she wanted…


 I thought we were done , but then she says "Mommy we have to to the inside too." LOL! She wanted another "jack in the box" inside… Complete with velcro dots to keep the jack in the box closed!! Cracks me up!!!


Then, while I was cleaning up, she found some scrap cardstock and a small strip of silver glimmer paper. When I looked , she was trying to wrap it around her finger. She said she made herself a diamond ring… that's my girl!!! LOL!! She wore this all evening until bedtime.


Hope your having a great day so far!!





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