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Speaking of MDS, I would like to share a punch card program that I recently implemented with my daughter, Amanda.  To keep her reading over the summer, I designed a punch card using MDS. For every two books or one chapter in her chapter books, Amanda gets one punch. Once she has five punches on her punch card, she gets to go to the prize basket and pick a prize.

I wanted to keep the prizes small and affordable, so I just chose simple things from the dollar store like tattoo kits, stickers, a Princess Pez dispenser (she loved this one) and some of the prizes can be fun things such as Mom and Dad as her "servant" for a time frame. We have to do whatever she wants like feed her popcorn while she watches her favorite movie. I wrapped all the prizes in brown paper bags and she gets to pick one when she gets her five punches.

Here's a look at the punch card… I actually printed all three of the cards below on one sheet and had them laminated for just over a dollar!


Her reading basket…


Her prize basket… 



This punch card could be used for so much more than just reading. Things like chores or with the school year just starting up the possiblities are endless. I'd love to hear your ideas on this! If you have any to share please leave me a comment. Thanks!


Now for some stamping inspiration, I have a few more display boards from Convention…





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