Yeah! It's Friday and also welcome to February! Can you believe that?

Time to bring out the hearts and valentine's day projects! So much fun!

Last month the girls in my stamping clubs made this cute Hershey kiss box as their 3-D project. You can get the tutorial over at Brenda Quintanna's blog here. She has fabulous tutorials! She has great easy to read instructions with pictures included. She's also made Hershey kiss boxes in the shape of a tree and a recently a shamrock for St Patty's day!

 I made 14 of the tree boxes in December for the teachers and some special people. They were such a hit and sooo easy to make, I'm thinking I'll make a few of these as well.

 Who wouldn't love to recieve one of these cute little gifts?

Thanks for checking back today! I'm off to get my daughter ready for her sleepover with the Brownies at Heritage park tonight. It's her first sleepover without me being one of the volunteers, I hope it all goes well 🙂







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