Happy Valentine's day!!

Want to heat things up for Valentine's day? How about a heart shaped rice bag? My apologies, I'm feeling a little "cheeky" today!!


I made this rice bag using the More Amore fabric from the mini catalogue. I cut two pieces of the red pattern with the petal cone die and the big shot. I sewed them togethr with the right sides facing each other and then flipped them inside out. Filled it with rice… any grain such as barley or wheat berries would do…just not minute rice.

I tied a small strip of fabric around the heart and used a small safety pin from the Vintage Trinkets to attach a flower (cut from the flower trim) and a love tag. This can easily be slid off before putting the rice bag in the microwave. Heat up for 1-2 minutes and you have instant heat… AWWW!!! Coming from a person who is always frozen.. I love it!!!

Here's a closer look….


I hope you are having a happy Valentine's day and you are surrounded by love.








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