Wow! What a week!

So much has happened in the last week! Time to catch up! Stick with me…. I promise to tie this post into some retiring Stampin up! products!!

On April 16th I got an e-mail from Greta Podleski saying that I was the lucky winner of their Greta and Janet facebook Sweepstakes!!! Ok folks…seriously! I NEVER win anything!! So of course, I e-mailed back and said that I couldn't believe it and after a few e-mails back and forth, I came to realize that it was true and I did in fact win the grand prize, which was an evening with Greta and Janet! They would fly to Calgary and pick me and 5 friends up in a limo and whisk us away to a fancy restaurant for an evening of dinner and wine.

It took a while for all 8 of us to find a date that would work and then we had to decide on the restaurant! The final decision was the #1 restaurant in Calgary called Teatro. The date would be Thursday, May 2nd,2013! Pinch me!  I still can't believe it happened!!!

Oh so much to think about! What to wear? Dress? Pants? Shoes? Thankfully my ever-stylish sister and I went shopping together and found some really great deals too!!!

The limo shows up (after getting lost in our community) and it was HOT PINK!!! I never saw a Hot pink limo before!!! Perfect for a night on the town for 8 ladies!!!

Here's a shot of the lovely sisters, Greta and Janet Podleski! They are the authors and publishers of 4 number one selling cookbooks… Looneyspoons, Crazyplates, Eat, Shrink and be Merry and their latest The Looneyspoon collection.

Here we are all ready to go….

Check out the hot pink limo….


 I wanted to make something special for my door to welcome these lovely ladies. Check out my new wreath I made using a wire frame, some burlap, some flowers, a slate sign and Stampin up! fabric . I am sad to see the fabric go from the catalogue. Here, I've used fabric to make the hanger for my wreath as well as the round flowers that I made with the use of Stampin up!'s Silicon pad. These were so easy and fun to make!


I hope you like my first of many "catch-up" posts and I'll be back later!

Take care!







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