I have lots of photos from Convention to share but first  I thought I'd pause and show you what I'm up to this week.

I'm running a half day kid's camp this week. Each day the kids come for a 2 1/2 hour class. We are having a different theme each day. On Monday we did "Flower day". The kids made a vase of flowers, a sun visor and a card. They had fun playing with our new simply pressed clay and each child chose a different color from my color caddy to make their flowers. Some girls put up to 4 flowers on their card and I dug out some pin backs and they even made a pin with the flowers. So much fun!



Yesterday, the kids enjoyed "Bug Day" take a look at the three projects we did…


 I think I'm having more fun than the kids! LOL!!

Hope your having a great day!!







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