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I've been meaning to share this very special card with you for a while now. Special? Why? Because its from the President/COO of Stampin up! Yes, it's a card from Rich Jutkins! It's a congratulations card for my Career sales milestone of $200,000.00!

I had the pleasure of meeting Rich at Convention and like all the other Stampin up! employees, he is so friendly and sincere. Getting this card in the mail, truly made my day as I know my hard work is appreciated by the wonderful people who make Stampin up! a fabulous company.





The inside..



This brings me to my Reason # 5 and #6, as tip why you should join the Stampin up! family for just $25!


Reason #5: Recognition! 

Whether you join as a hobby demonstrator or you join to build a thriving business, Stampin up! will recognize you. It's nice to be appreciated and there are countless ways that this company shows it's appreciation. 

Every step of your journey as a Stampin up! demonstrator is recognised. Stampin up! challenges us set goals for ourselves and supports us along the way. I don't just mean sales rewards! There are plenty of those! They are always coming up with contests where demonstrators can submit their artwork for recognition. The Annual Artisan Award is a very honorable award for creativity and all demonstrators regardless of their title are welcomed to participate.

Demonstrator's artwork  are continuously featured on Stampin up!'s blog, the stamper's showcase, and even published in the Catalogue.

Every second month, we recieve a wonderful magazine in the mail called Stampin Success. There are articles featuring beautiful projects created by fellow demonstrators, who share their talents so willingly.

On the website, we have a section called "YOU DID IT" where anyone can click and see who has made Stampin Start, earned awards, an Annual Getaway , or the Incentive trip! There's so much more to eran than just money in this business!!!

Reasoon #6 Stampin up! Exclusive Events


There are many events that happen throughout the year for Stampin up! demonstrators! The biggest one is Convention in July! This event is open to all Demonstrators regardless of your title. This event is definitely a MUST GO event! Every year, I come home refreshed and my mind is bursting with ideas! Not to mention the new bag we get and all the FREE Stamps and products they spoil us with! There are classes, swapping, and a chance to meet so many new friends! It's truly wonderful and every demonstrator absolutely should attend Convention!

Leadership Conference:

If you would like to take your business to the "next level" there are special events to help support and reward you for your efforts! In January, Stampin up! hosts it's Annual Leadership Conference and it's usually somewhere in a warmer "south" location. For a "northern girl", I always appreciate this! At this event , leaders learn how to encourage their team members  how to build a successful business. There's always swapping and sharing of ideas, and of course tons of Free product giveaways here to!! I LOVE going to Leadership!

 Founder's Circle:

This is a wonderful event that Stampin up! holds to reward it's top performing demonstrators in North America. They are taken to an amazing resort in St Geroge's Utah and they have the whole place to themselves! They get to be up close and personal with Shelli herself and they are truly pampered! I would LOVE to make it to Founder's Circle someday!!


Are you starting to understand why I love being a demonstrator? I am completely honest with all of my comments here on my blog and I hope you know how sincere I am when I say how much I would love for you to join me in this incredible journey. You have absolutely nothing to loose buy buying the $25 starter kit.

Click here and get started on all the fun things this company has to offer!










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