On Sunday, I returned from the AMAZING Founder's circle retreat and I've been trying to get back into the swing of things. With 5 events in the next 6 days, it's back into full gear for me! 

I don't mind as I am fully recharged and ready to go from a truly wonderful few days of pampering and relaxation.

 I'd like to share it all with you as many of you are my awesome customers and downline team and YOU helped me get to Founder's circle and I truly appreciate you!!!

I flew to Las Vegas and there was a lady waiting as I got off the plane holding  a Stampin up! sign. She escorted me to the area where I would meet up with a few other demos who were equally as excited as I was to be on our way to St George. We left and drove for 2 hrs to St. George Utah, where we would enjoy the next 5 days together, relaxing and being treated like gold by Stampin up! 

When we arrived at the Hotel, I was amazed that even the outside was decorated for Christmas! The theme for the retreat was "Home for the Holidays" and no detail was spared! Did I mention that Stampin up! takes over the whole hotel and transformed it into a Holiday Lodge from Wednesday to Sunday? AMAZING!



Here's Laura Thomas, one of the event planners waiting to hand us our keys as we got off the bus…Isn't she adorable in her holiday apron?


Checking off the names to see who's arrived…


They handed us our "year book" which has everyone's picture, so we could get to know one another. I was blown away by the fact that everyone from the home office already knew my name! they would say "hello, Rose Marie" every time they saw me! Talk about making a girl feel special!!



Here's my picture in the year book… and check out who I'm next to!! It's Ronda Wade!! I simply love Ronda! She has helped me so much in my business this past year and she continues to be my mentor! 



I head inside and up to my room to find this awesome 12 days of Christmas door hanger…


Opening the door to the most relaxing room and it was ALL MINE!! So great to have a room all to yourself for 4 whole nights!!




Here's a view of the pool from my room…


After dropping my bags off, it was time to head to the gathering room. Little did I realize this was only about 1/4 of the room and in the coming days, there would be much more to come as they opened up more walls and made the room bigger and wwith tons of treats and gifts!!










Here's the chalkboard outside the gathering room with the daily agenda…



After we checked in we were also treated to a delicious lunch in the lobby, Grilled cheese paninis and the most delicious tomato bisque soup I ever tasted! Then it was time for a little relaxing by the pool…




Here I am at the pool with some new friends Evelyn Wood, Mary Knabe, and Cynthia Millan. 


At 6:30 we did a welcome activity in the lobby which we did in "teams". Our team was called the "Jingle Bells". We had to decorate Gingerbread houses and needless to say ours would not stay together. What a laugh we had! 

Here's Lee Conrey and Nancy Lewis having fun with the icing!






When our time was almost up, we scrambled to put our peices together like a "Ski chalet" , like this…



Can you believe they still gave us each a prize for partcipating? Check out some of the other group's creations…







Here's what we got for participating …


 Inside was a package of the "Under the Tree Christmas bag and tags accessory kit. I just love how they wrapped everything so nicely! Oh the attnetion to detail!

Next we were "whisked away" to a wonderfully decorated room for dinner! We sat with our teams and I was blown away by the details!!







 Shelli and Sara! Oh it was so great to be there with them!


Our delicious festive dinner of ham, potatoe casserole and beans. It was delicious!!



After dinner, I enjoyed a chance to meet and talk in a group setting for first timers with Shelli, Sara, Bonnie and Pam. It got really emotional as people shared what they thought they did differently in their business last year to earn them a spot at Founder's Circle.  It was an amazing meeting.

At the end of the evening, I returned to my room to find this beautiful pillow gift. I loved how it was wrapped! Inside was a new stamp set and co-ordinating Framelits that will be in the Occasions Catalogue in January.





As you can tell, my first day was overwhelming! I will have tons more to share in the next few days. I hope you'll come back and visit me soon!






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